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Continuing professional development

GERMAN language: Proofreading, editing, revision, QA, etc.: 

  • Hands-on writing and editing course organized by a science journalist of the German newspaper FAZ (1986)  
  • On-the-job training in editing and layouting at a printer's shop (1990 - 1994)
  • Proofreading techniques and new orthographic rules (2010) 
  • Seminar on foundations in editing (2015)  
  • Webinar on simplified German, writing for specific target groups (2017)
  • Workshop on Machine translation and post-editing, 2 days organised by ATICOM (2017)
  •  Webinar on SMT vs. NMT organised by TAUS (2017)
  • Workshop on Revision according to ISO 17100, 2 days (2017)
  • Workshop on Post-Editing, 1 day (2018)
  • Workshop on QA, Evaluation, 1 day (2018)



Terminology course for medical students, Medizinische Fakultät der UdS, English for medical purposes training in Edinburgh, Anatomy lectures at the Medical School of the University of London

Workshops and seminars organized by professional associations/organizations: Biotechnology workshop; medical imaging techniques and radiology workshop; bioscience foundations; special anatomy of the skeleton and of the knee, in particular; workshop on the CVS;

Since 2010:

  • Workshop on endoscopic instruments and procedures at a Surcigal Devices Company
  • Surgery and sterilisation methods: Vinzent-Krankenhaus in Speyer (2013)
  • Diabetes I and II, new therapies, at the Universitätskliniken in Homburg (2015)
  • 2-days workshop on visceral surgery by the surgical team at the Diakonissen-Krankenhaus in Speyer, Germany (2016)
  • Webinars on translating for the food industry I + II: Foundations, specific aspects and terminology
  • Webinar on translating for the EU Industry: Working with Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Workshop on special aspects of IFUs and technical product manual translation
  • Workshop on safety data sheets and EU regulations in German/English
  • Special Workshop on pathology, oncology and the hormone system (2 days in 2016)
  • Traumatology workshop by orthopaedic surgeons, Sana-Kliniken, Hameln (3 days in 2016)
  • Workshop on Clinical trials and CRAs - Grundlagen klinischer Studien nach AMP und MPG, Düsseldorf (2017)
  • Medical statistics and methods used in clinical trials - Medizinische Statistik, Speyer (2017)
  • 3 webinars on veterinary medicine (2017)
  • Workshops on agricultural and horticultural industries (2017)
  • § LEGAL translation of official documents, transcripts etc.; four-week translator refresher training in Edinburgh: British, Scottish law  and legal system, business in the UK, cultural aspects (2008)
  • Workshop on US American law (incl. contract law) and the legal system of the USA, Düsseldorf (2010)
  • Translating French legal texts, boilerplates and more (2013)
  • Foundations of the legal system in Germany, updates on civil and criminal law (2014)
  • Summer School Rechtssprache - German legal language intensive training (2015)
  • Translation of personal and other legal documents (such as decrees) (French/German) (2015)
  • Workshop on French Labour Law and specific documents (2016)
  • Comparison of civil and criminal procedure rules, selected terminology and document types. 
  • Comparative introduction to the British and German insurance system (2016)
  • Company Law - Gesellschaftsrecht - Deutsch - Englisch (2016)
  • Contract law, difference between English and German, boilerplates etc. (2017)
  • Contracts in German, 2 Webinars (2018)
  • Deutsches Immobilienrecht - Webinare (2020)
  • Englisches Vertragsrecht - Webinare (2020)
  • Gesellschaftsrecht - Webinare (2020)

Language teacher training courses for German as foreign language at the University of Saarland, continuing training for language teachers at Community Colleges in Rhineland-Palatinate/Saarland.


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